Too Cool to Party sanghoki



Pardon the interruption dear reader of trip reports and gambling godness. I didn’t go to the big blogger Vegas shindig. I haven’t played much live sanghoki . I am, in effect, semi-retired.

But because I love you and because Otis finally gave me grief about my absence here, I wanted to bring y’all up to speed.

Here’s what G-Rob did while YOU were in Vegas :


I took the day off. I could have gone to Las Vegas if I’d had the next day too, but the boss says this month is already too jam packed with Vacation. That means I had a random day to burn mid-week. I played poker online and met the kids at the bus stop.

This is my life.


While the bloggers had booze and poker, I had wine and cheese. Some neighbors with whom we’re friendly had a “wine and cheese” party with us and about 30 people I don’t know.

Friends, I love a good party and I do like a glass of wine. I do not like answering the question “aren’t you that guy from TV?” 100 or more times in a single evening.

For people who might meet me in the future after seeing me at work here are the answers to all the questions you might ask at a wine and cheese party :

  1. Yup, I’m pretty tall. TV makes us all look the same size.
  2. I was just born that way.
  3. Covergirl natural beige. Sometimes I go to the gym after forgetting to wash it off so my towel looks filthy.
  4. I’m comfortable with the fact that I wear “CoverGirl” makeup.
  5. She’s nice.
  6. Yes, my co-anchor is single.
  7. She’s single too. Also, way out of your league.
  8. You get used to waking up early.
  9. No, I don’t do sports.
  10. Yes, (your team) sure is good.
  11. Hairspray.
  12. I gave up on gel. It looked too greasy.
  13. This IS my real voice.
  14. No, I’ve never met Brian Williams
  15. I don’t care.

Anyway, that’s the wine and cheese party.


Another night, another party. This time for some professional association that my wife has contact with though selling whatever it is she sells.

I was forced to go with the following instructions, “Be Charming. I need these people to like us!”


We met at a local steakhouse at 6. The others were already there. Soon we were ushered into the banquet area at the place where we’d fill two very long tables. I sat across from the only member of this professional association who ALSO made her spouse attend. He was 73, retired military, and says his only interests are golf and listening to news talk radio.

We talked about golf.

90 minutes later we had Prime Rib.

2 hours after that I snuk to the bar for a second martini.

That’s how I party.


At 9AM my wife’s friend (Nicknamed “TWWNL” I’ll tell you sometime what that’s for) comes over for a walk with my wife.

She lives up to the acronym.

I escape upstairs to watch football and play online cards. I did well in a few MTTs but it was less fun with Otis out of town. Don’t ask me why but I get great pleasure from sending IM messages that simply say :

“12/488 Average Stack. I have QQ in the BB”

Such are the simple pleasures of my life.


Isn’t G-Rob living a sorry life?

This is the way things are. I do have a big casino adventure planned in January….and something even more awesome planned with Otis and Dr. Pauly in March.

So there’s that.

God bless us….every one.


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