For Effective SEO, Stick To The Basics


Not surprisingly, I’ve been asked how this works. The essential answer is: do the basics and do them REALLY well.

Anyone who’s been online for any length of time has been asked how do you do SEO? If you are an SEO you’ve likely been asked something like, “How do you achieve a No. 1 ranking?” Well, first let me say it ain’t easy. You do have to keep your focus on the basic. All SEO boils down to thing really:

  • Keywords
  • Links

And the extent that you succeed in exploiting them the more likely you are to succeed online.

There are no “insider secrets” or “sneaky tricks”. Sneaky tricks, of course, exist, but we don’t use them. They don’t work for long-term success.

It never amazes me how someone just comes up right out of the blue with the latest trick to getting high ranking at the search engines. Of course, real SEOs know that there are no tricks. You just do it. Keywords and links. Links and keywords. How well do you incorporate them into your content? That’s all that matters.

The “Big Three” factors in gaining search engine ranking are ongoing content addition, ongoing link addition and optimization.

Great SEO minds think alike. Ranking about doing the work consistently over time. Don’t give up. Just keep plugging away, doing the basic things over and over again. You’ll meet with success if you stick to the basics like religion and do them every day.

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