Don’t Use Free Blog Hosts


Hosting your blog on a different domain from your primary site is one of the worst mistakes you can make. A blog on your domain can attract links, attention, publicity, trust and search rankings – by keeping the blog on a separate domain, you shoot yourself in the foot. From worst to best, your options are – Hosted (on a solution like Blogspot or WordPress), on a unique domain (at least you can 301 it in the future), on a subdomain (these can be treated as unique from the primary domain by the engines) and as a sub-section of the primary domain (in a subfolder or page – this is the best solution).

This is the worst advice on blogging I’ve ever seen. You want your blog hosted by a third party as much as you want your website hosted by a free host. Would you do that? If so, prepare to lose your business.

Hosted blogging makes no sense. 75% of all blogs are spammers. Another reason you don’t want to be hosted on a free host, especially Google-owned, is the “Flag Blog” feature. This feature allows browsers to click the icon and notify Google that your blog is a spammer. Google will investigate the spam claims, of course, but in the mean time you are at Google’s mercy. What if the search engine shuts you down during the investigation, or decides against you and shuts you down – even if you don’t spam? Essentially, you are at their mercy, like it or not.

I would not host on a free blog host. I would purchase a domain name ($10 per year) and install WordPress. This is your best option. You control the domain name and the blog. WordPress has greater flexibility and also has a spam blocker plug in as well as countless other plug ins you can use to improve your blog.

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